This is a personal blog of Mary Albert Amacan that talks about Christian song meanings and commentary as we are very fond of listening in both modern and traditional worship songs. We believe that you will see the inner beauty of a song not only on melody, groove, rhythm and harmony but also in lyrics. That is not new for a christian songs embodied with God’s words. And as christian, we can use his words for teaching rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God maybe thoroughly equipped for every good work (1 Timothy 3:16-17)┬áBut the gift of Words is not visible to everyone, so we need to ask the guidance of Holy Spirit so we can study it based on how the teaching will help us grow as a christian.

But instead of studying Words based on bible verse I decided to use christian song as what I said, I really like listening on Christian song from musicians such as Hillsong, Don Moen, Dan Schutte, Planetshakers, Paul Baloche, and lot more. I will use their songs and explain the meaning of it based on my perspectives since they are mostly using bible verse in their lyrics.

Also for me, there are more people listening on christian music than reading the bible so for them to remind the Words and not by simply listening to the songs, I hope explaining the lyrics of the songs will help them value the words not only because it has a good melody but the meaning of the song and they will know that it is based from Word of God and His love for us.