A Million Suns Meaning

Jesus is like a millions suns to us. His glory is like the radiance of the sun that always rays. Put on your mind that our pain in natural things is imperfect and it will never last because there is a God.

The radiance is co-eternal of the glory and Christ in the Co-eternal of our Father, so we see Father by the help of Jesus. He is like a million suns in the sky because His glory arrive to us everyday. You must trust, love, and worship Him all the times. He is alive sitting in our side with his powerful and authority glory. Let us exalt Him because He is the greatest. He is everlasting like the sun and never-ending. He is Holy and worthy that always shines in our lives. He is our bright, our morning star!


Verse 1
You stand eternal
The uncreated One
Who knows no end

The starry wonders
The vast expanses
Bound to Your command

You shine like a million suns ablaze
Wrapped in eternal light and praise
Jesus the First, the Last
The Bright, the Morning Star

Verse 2
You spoke creation
Into existence
Life and all we are

Beyond all measure
The universe
An echo of Your power

 Matthew 13:43“Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let them hear.”


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