Oh You Bring Meaning

Oh you Bring is a simple yet a very hopeful song that can lift you up out of the pit. It is so incredible how God used this song to tell us how much He loves us and how He provides everything we need. This is one of the song of Hillsong United that appears on the album Across the Earth released in 2009.

The song basically tells about hope. How God brings hope and tell the things He done for us. Remember, in the end we shouldn’t focus to the things on earth. Know that He will bless us abundantly and we must bring all we have to Him. He is the fact that we all need in our lives. If you think and feel like you’re down and left for nothing, just put your heart onto God’s heart because He is always there for us. He always rescues us in the trouble and always bring happiness and hope into our lives. In God we are all found and we have hope, this hope makes all things says true. God’s heart is full of mercy and glory so that its’ always open to accept us and brings light in our soul.


Oh You bring hope to the hopeless
And light to those in the darkness
And death to life
Now I’m alive
Oh You give peace to the restless
And joy to homes that are broken
I see You now
In You I’m found

And You opened the door for me
And You laid down
Your life to set me free
All that I am will serve You Lord
And You opened my eyes to see
All the wonder and awe of Christ in me
Jesus You’re everything I need

Oh You fill those who are empty
And rescue those in the valley
And through it all You calm my soul
Oh You find me in my weakness
And heal the wounds of my heartache
I worship You in spirit and truth

All honour
All glory
All praise to You

Matthew 17:17“Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me.”


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