You Rescued Me Meaning

God knew us for all the times and we are created in His sight as a perfect one. This song shows us how God rescued and how far and deep His love to us. You Rescued Me is a song by Hillsong Worship that appears on the album People Just Like us released in 1994.

God always rescued and picked us up. Just remember the day how He picked us in times when we felt liked drowned in the deep water. When we feel and we are like in the deepest level of a pit. When we thought we are alone and cried for help and feels that nobody want to help and willing to rescue us. But God is so precious and wonderful that He can hear the very small sound of our heart and know that we are in pain. He is willing to rescue us when we are drowning in our own tears. Always there to rescue us every time we committed in sins. Because of his eternal love to us, God is ready to forgive, healed our heart and made us whole again.


You rescued me and picked me up
A living hope of grace revealed
A life transformed in righteousness
O Lord You have rescued me
Forgiving me, You healed my heart
And set me free from sin and death
You brought me life You’ve made me whole
O Lord You have rescued me

And You loved me before I knew You
And You knew me for all time
I’ve been created in Your image O Lord

And You bought me, and You sought me
Your blood poured out for me
A new creation in Your image O Lord
You rescued me, You rescued me

Psalm 18:19 – “He brought me out into a spacious place;he rescued me because he delighted in me.”


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