Made Me Glad Meaning

Made Me Glad is one of the song of Hillsong that appears on the album Blessed released in 2002. The lyrics was taken from 2 Samuel 22:2-3 . David sang when the Lord delivered him from the hands of enemies. Lord is very worthy of all our praise and love.

I will bless the Lord forever
I will trust Him at all times
He has delivered me from all fear
He has set my feet upon a rock
I will not be moved
And I’ll say of the Lord

You are my shield
My strength
My portion
My shelter
Strong tower
My very present help in time of need

Whom have I in heaven but You
There’s none I desire besides You
You have made me glad
And I’ll say of the Lord

God is our savior and portion. He is all in all. He surround us with favor as a shield. We will always feel His delight. Let’s trust Him and rest under the shadow of God’s wings. He is worthy to be exalted and praised everytime because He is the only one that can provide all our needs and and other things that we want in our lives. He is the only one that can provide the strength/ power that we must need to face the world.

I love Him very much. Our God, Jesus, Savior and the Holy spirit are the reason of my happiness in life. I also dance unto Him. Worship Him to the highest and live for Him. Hallelujah praise the Lord! .


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