Deeply In Love Meaning

I’m deeply in love with God so I hope you’ll like the song because it touches everyone’s heart. Deeply In love is a song by Hillsong and can be found in their album One (1999).

The song means that God is the owner and author that captured our hearts. He imprisoned our heart and this is the greatest thing we can feel .He stole our heart everyday by the help of his mercy and love. No one can separate us from the love of God because it endures forever and forever. No can can compare to his greatness, power and no can replace/higher than Him. Because of His unfailing love to us we were saved and He will never break our heart. God deeply in love with us and this is one of the reason why we must deeply in love with Him too. This is the sweetest things we could imagine-his love. He is worthy of everything. Amen.


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