Heart of Worship Meaning

Heart of Worship is a song by Matt Redman back to the late 1990’s. He wrote this song according to his experiences as a worshiper and what his heart tells. This song was written in his room after his Christian service.

God always looking for the heart that wanted to worship him all the time and if He found you He make sure you will receive more blessings. The song means the genuine serving to God, loving and asking for His presence. Coming back to God, trusting, believing and having faith on Him.We are seeking for the things we have desired, looking for the things we like, making decisions of our own because we thought this is the things could make us happy but we are wrong, one day we will find ourselves longing for God’s guidance and realize that God is our true happiness. Heart of Worship is a sincere heart unto the almighty. It also means the first instrument that God has created – the hand we have, the mouth to shout how God is holy and feet to dance with Him. The Heart of worship is soulful. Worship completely and let the God’s love fill you up. Amen


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