Better Than Life Meaning

I’m happy and blessed especially when I hear this song , that’s why I’m here to share & give my meaning. I’m hoping you are too 🙂

Better Than Life is a song by Hillsong and pop up on their album Hope (2003) and on the album Supernatural (2006).

The song means that God is better than anything in this world. Everything you want, God can give it to you and He can provide everything you need. If we are in trouble He is always here to help us facing these problems. He very loves us that He can gave His only son to save us from our sins. God’s plan never fail us, He will never let you down, He will there for you no matter what. Surrender everything to Him, let’s love him as much He loves us because He made all things just for us. He is our King, our Father and He created us for a reason. He always forgive and still give blessings to us although we did not ask Him, that’s how God loves us and how the best He is.

Thank you and God bless.


Better than the riches of this world
Better than the sound of my friend’s voices
Better than the biggest dreams of my heart
And that’s just the start

Better than getting what I say I need
Better than living the life that I want to
Better than the love anyone could give
Your love is

You hold me now in your arms
And never let me go

You oh Lord make the sun shine
And the moon light in the night sky
You give me breath and all your love
I give my heart to you because

I can’t stop falling in love with you
I’ll never stop falling in love with you
I can’t stop falling in love with you
I’ll never stop falling in love with you

Psalm 63:3“Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.”


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