I’m Forever Yours Meaning

There is a song that I really really like, named I’m Forever Yours. This song is by Planetshakers that appears on the Album Pick it Up and released in 2006. The title and the lyrics are very powerful that talks how much we should loved God, offer our lives and how much we deserved Him.

God repaired our lives in hundreds or even thousands times. God has sacrificed Himself. The precious things that we can do is our obedience to His words and offer our lives to Him- not only when we die but we must live for God everyday.

The song also means that we must set everything and follow Jesus from the bottom of our hearts. We must bloom as a beautiful flower. We need Him to be a gardener so that will grow. We need Him because we are like babies that longing for his milk to grow and to have strength.

Follow Him and you’ll be blessed. I’m with God, in my past, today and forever!


Verse 1
I give my all to you
Send me and I will go for you
To the ends of the earth
I’ll follow after you
I want the world to know
Your love endures forever

Verse 2
Tell me and I’ll obey
This is far greater than sacrifice
Trusting you and not myself
Will always lead to blessing
Lord have your way in me
Not my will, yours be done

Here I stand within your presence
Longing for your touch
A thousand days cannot compare
To one day in your courts

Hold me now
And never ever let me go
My jesus, my precious saviour
I’m forever yours

I will worship you forever
I will worship you

Psalm 119:94 – “Save me, for I am yours; I have sought out your precepts.”


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