Trouble Of The World Meaning

Trouble Of The World is a song by American gospel singer Mahalia Jacson that appears on “Gospels, Spritual & Hymns” album (1991) and on the album “The Essential Mahalia Jackson” (2004).

The song means that the troubles that we encounter everyday, the physical and emotional pain we feel, the mental suffering is only a test that God has given to us to designed ourselves and learn the meaning of life. Even though the world is getting worst we know that there is a king that always stands for us and never leave us. The song also means that one day we will live to our father and see the light of home. A place that there will be no sorrow and pain in our heart and we will live with the lord forever and forever when the right time comes!

This is my own understanding and personal take on to the song, feel free to comment, add everything and share your thoughts.

God Bless us all. Amen.


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