All I Need Is You Meaning

All I Need Is You is a song by Hillsong United which is belong to their album Look to You and released in 2005.

God is everything. All of us needs Him, He rescue and save us from the the sins. He always holds our problem in the palm of his hand, knows what we think, say and know what can be happen in our lives. We can redeem our lives by his glory, every time we search for the meaning, purpose and hope, don’t stop praying because all of this can only answer by God. In God’s eyes we are all perfect because he wanted to be us like this . God made us just the way we are, never wish to be anything that you’re not. Be satisfied, His presence is so amazing and powerful that flows and shower on us everyday. He will never leave us when we are in trouble. He watches, care for us and He loves us unconditionally. All our need is our God. Let us satisfies Him alone, nothing more and nothing less. God is our forever, loving forever and just forever!. Amen.


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