You Hold Me Now Meaning

This song is simply amazing and powerful .God is my music that enlighten me as always. I love him very much. He is my savior, my everything, and I’m very glad that I’m with Him.

You Hold Me Now is a song by Hillsong, appears on the album ” Across the Earth” and released in 2009.

It means the promise of God to have an eternal life. We know that the world is full of sins and tribulations but God will cheer us up to pass and overcome the world. When the day come to see God’s face, there will be no pain , hurt, no more weeping, suffering, darkness, sick , hiding , pride and  only everlasting love, gladness, greatness and joy!  The song reminds us that the present hurts/suffering will be vanish and replace by the glory which is come in the beauty of heaven and we will be with Him forever!


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