Christ is Enough Meaning

“Christ is Enough” is a song by Hillsong Worship and released in 2003. This song want to share and tell us that God is Enough to become our life complete.

Jesus is our ultimate reward. He is the best on our lives and not the silver, gold nor popularity. Giving Himself to us is the best reward that we can receive ad nothing can compare and better than this. Though we can’t be perfect in the earth at least in eyes of Jesus we are perfect in our imperfection.

When we follow Jesus Christ, don’t turn back anymore, when you feel down and you think the world is against to you still follow Him. Although you are broken, just keep following, obeying and praising Jesus no matter circumstances you are facing. Let us give Him our faithful and sincere heart.

Be thankful to Jesus for the happiness and troubles that he was given to you. Be thankful because without him we couldn’t survive. Jesus is Enough, nothing in this world can give and satisfy our needs because things in this world are not forever only Jesus is Forever and Forever! Jesus is my reward. Jesus is Enough!


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