At The Cross Meaning

“At The Cross” is a song written by Darlene Zschech and Reuben Morgan.  This song has a theme of Easter, Resurrection & sacrifices and released in 2014.

My faith and spirit fly high when I hear this song. It is so refreshing and very meaningful song that says a lot about God. The Holy spirit is alive in every line of this song. It’s even beautiful when you understand the meaning of this.

Well, my interpretation to the song ” At the Cross” God knows us intimately. He knows who we are from the beginning. He knows how we live, how He planned our life and He knows everything. He still love us and willing to forgive although we fail him, made sins, disobeying him, and sometimes we doubt to the things that he can do.

He sacrifice and gave his life to save and washed us from sins. God shows to the world that even though we are imperfect his love still surrounding us and the cross symbolizes that we must still bow our knees to God because His blood was still on us, His name is so precious and no one can compare and greater to his love. Earth fades but the Holy Spirit is still falling to us . He loves us unconditionally no matter what sins we made and committed. There is one God who will always stand for us!  God Bless us all.


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