Lead Me To The Cross Meaning

The song  Lead Me To The Cross is a good reminder for all of us that we are not our own. We only owe this to life to God. You and I are belong to Him. We must know that everything is inferior compared to Jesus’s companionship.

This song was originally composed by Brooke Fraiser of Hillsong and it was released in March 26, 2007. This song was also became the eight track on Newboy’s 13th studio album, In the Hands of God.

When you come to God, everytime you spend time in praying and reading His words, you’ll recognize his presence. The lyrics of the song is asking for rest and peace for all the things that we have encounter. The song remind us the Christian story . It encourage us to ask help and offer ourselves to God. Letting go the things that we are tempted and things we think bring us happiness and meaning in our lives. We must follow our God, and ask for salvation. Give up everything- including ourselves- and most of all love Him and believe Him that he will enter your soul and heart and lead you to the the cross.


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