From The Inside Out Meaning

I like every sound and lyrics of this song because it is such a humbling song and my soul is able to connect with God immediately. It goes straight to my heart and thank my Lord for the things that He have done to my life.

“From The Inside Out” is a song by Hillsong United by their album United We Stand. This song was released last 2006.

The point of the song “From the inside out” is that God’s grace and mercy is still showering on us even though that we continues make sin . God is here to forgive us and His love is everlasting. Let us Bring God with our deep hearts but praising  God with this is not enough because the meaning of the song, that we must be doers. Our daily lives must be seen the way we praise God with our heart. Praising God must reflect to the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we act, and the way we treat other people. If you are praising God From the inside out, you must praise Him with your heart but also with your lives. You can only offer your heart and life to God . Praising him from the inside out is most precious and genuine praise that we can give to Him. This is the “inside out” praise our God, let him to control you , your heart and soul. Surrender ourselves to him so that we can take the everlasting love and life. Let us praise and love him from the inside out.


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