Mighty To Save Meaning

Mighty to save is a Christian Contemporary by Hillsong church and composed by Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan . This song was released in July 2006. At the 40th Annual GMA Dove Awards, Mighty to Save was nominated as the Song of the Year.

The meaning of Mighty to Save that our God can do everything in his hands- He can move the mountains. Although we are in this world that full of lies and darkness God always light us and shine through. We are in rebellion in this world. But do you know how we fight? . Yes! we will pray, remember that the prayer is the most powerful weapon. Pray to the Lord, follow, surrender and believe on him and for sure He will bless you, no matter you’re going through , just leave it to the Lord and be healed.

As the song says, God is our saviour and saved us. God is full of mercy and grace and He has an ability to defeat death. He truly loved us and he is truly Mighty To Save.


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