Yahweh, The Faithful One Meaning

“Yahweh, The Faithful One” is a song by Dan Schutte and  was released last 2009.

“Yahweh’s love will last forever,
His faithfulness till the end of time.
Yahweh is a loving god
Yahweh the faithful one.

Have no fear for I am with you
I will be your shield
Go now and leave your home land for I will give you a home.

Look up and see the heavens count the stars if you can
Your name will be ever greater,
Greater than all these stars.”

Yahweh , is our God. His love and faithfulness is with us and will be last forever. Try to be faithful on him too, trust Him with his plan even though sometimes we didn’t understand it. Be fearless, because with God you’ll be safe. God is so faithful to us , his promises won’t be broken. Look at him and trust him to the things that He will do to us. Be still and be faithful to Him  no matter what happen.


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