Our God Reigns Meaning

Based on the song Our God Reigns I understand and I believe that our life belongs to God and we only owe this. But Who is our God ? Why we need to exalt His name? And what is the message of the song?

“Our God Reigns” was produced by Dan Muckala and song by Brandon Health from his first studio album. This song was released last 2006.

God is our creator, the beginning and the end. He sent His son to break  sins and save our souls. In God we always be blessed, we always know how are God truly love us in spite of our sins and mistakes. He still remain standing and guiding us, “The light of the earth”. His power in heaven and spread it on earth. Exalt His name above all because our God reigns all the time. When we call His name to heal us, He will be our physician and healer all the time. God reigns, every sin and demon on your life will be lose in the name of Jesus. How much you suffer in pain, victory and defeat and brutal just step closer to God, and everything’s will be ok.

Lift your voice to thank our Almighty God and shout for our our God reigns. He always Reign on us Abundantly!


Oh for the joy before Him, our Saviour
Went to the cross to purchase our freedom
Trading its shame for glory, Jesus reigns

Death could not hold Him down, my Saviour
Sin and the grave forever defeated
Victoryʼs mine forever, Jesus reigns

Jesus reigns, Jesus reigns over all things
He is the Great I Am, the risen Son of man
Jesus reigns, Jesus reigns over all things
He is our victory, the One who set us free

The power of the cross has spoken, my sins are
Washed in His blood, now heaven is open
Redemption is mine forever, Jesus reigns

All authority, power and majesty
Our God, our God reigns

Psalm 146:10“The Lord reigns forever, your God, O Zion, for all generations. Praise the Lord.”


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