How Great Is Our God Meaning

It was reached the No.1 on the billboard Hot Christian Song chart, when it was features on Tomlin’s Album . This song was written by Chris Tomlin together with Jesse Reeves and Ed Cash last November 2014 .This song also became at the fifth most popular worship song today.

We attend mass and have a bible study , praising His name and to thank God for the things that He have done to us .  “How great is our God” We all know that He is bigger and greater than anything else. Words are not enough to describe His name reaching the full definition of His greatness. He is very powerful that are mind could not imagine. He is great truly great! .

If you are suffering in a hard time, Always remember that our God is always here to help us, Also keep in our mind that our God is so much powerful than the problem we encounter. When you having a good time, don’t forget our God, be thankful to Him , that you are spending and enjoying life with your love ones. Thank Him for the trees that you have seen everyday, the air that you have breath, for the foods the you eat, Thank Him for all the things that he created and loving you more than you think. His wonderful name truly above all name. That’s How great is our God! .


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